Record Sealing
  • Youth Act Sentences

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Federal Security Clearance

  • No Papered Cases

  • Fake ID/Misrepresentation of Age for Alcoholic Beverage Cases

  • Sealing Arrest Records

  • Felony Convictions

  • Misdemeanor Convictions

Sealing & Expunging Criminal Records

Sealing and expunging criminal convictions is a vehicle that allows people who have been convicted of certain eligible offenses to get a fresh start.  If a court grants a motion to seal and/or expunge your conviction, you are protected from potential employers, creditors, neighbors and/or other interested parties from accessing your criminal records, with certain limitations.  Many people find that sealing and expunging their past criminal convictions, opens many doors in life that would otherwise remain shut.   After all, once you are done serving your sentence and paying your debt to society, you deserve a second chance.


In the District of Columbia, the law allows people convicted of criminal offenses, in certain limited circumstances, to petition the court to seal and expunge their eligible convictions. 


Please contact Criminal Defense Attorney Terry Eaton, as soon as possible, at (202) 780-4270 to learn whether your circumstances qualify you to apply for sealing and/or expungement of your prior conviction(s).